Richard from Brisbane

To quote Richard: Finally completed the M2. What a job!

Rack and pinion was a challenge – used Ford Laser rack and universals. Did not have to cut steering arms as I managed to get everything to line up nicely. Cut and welded steering shaft to add splines for universal at one end and for removable steering wheel at other end and lowered to match seating position.

Clutch gave me some problems as I finally realised that slave unit had 20.64mm bore and Brembo master cylinder was only 17mm resulting in too much pedal movement to get clutch to operate properly.

Cooling system is also too complicated as I used pod radiator from a Tyrell with inlet and outlet on the same side on the other side to the engine outlet and water pump inlet. Still have to manufacture strut brace but otherwise ready to go.

Amazed myself by rewiring complete car inclusive of S14 engine loom to 2002.
Car has full roll cage and is fully seam welded for rigidity.
Still wired to Motec ECU with chip for 210HP

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