Corey Jensens Father & Son project

Info from Corey himself..
Front suspension:
ireland engineering coilovers ireland engineering camber plates ireland engineering relocated 22mm swaybar urethane bushing used throughout the front suspension
Rear suspension: bilstins sport shocks ireland engineering race springs urethane spring pads urethane used in the complete suspension
brakes: front big brake kit (ardvarc racing) SS brake lines (front and back) ATE super blue fluid rears stock (for now)
Wheels and tires: BBS RA three piece 15x8 in. custom built (ardvarc racing) Kuhmo (Ecsta) 225x50x15
Body and Paint: complete 02 turbo body kit (BMW mobile tradition) all waist and knee high trim removed. (polaris silver) englemann mirrors italian front turn signals rear bumper euro turbo (rechromed) rear taillight rings and lenses (new)
engine and transmission: 2.3 liter S-14 1988 M3 mileage ????? K&N cold air intake behind driver side grill dinian chip kingsborne 8mm wires 320i overdrive transmission with sensor mounts in bell housing.

That's it for now the car should be reassembled soon, as money permits. This car has been an ongoing project for about 12 years it's a father son project. very very rough car when I first got it. I'll try to send updated pics as it comes back together. Take it easy Corey Jensen

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