George Milonogiannis Cretan 2.0

One of only 2 proper m2002 that I know of - and by that I mean it has a 2 litre s14 from the Italian spec 320is. Very interesting car with a number of unique features. First there's the 2.0 litre engine - a rev happy screamer that's only 10 horses down on the Euro 2.3 (and 5 on a cat equipped car). Built to circumvent Italian tax rules over 2 litres it was fitted to a standard e30 shell (both a 2 and 4 door) for the ultimate 3 series sleeper.

George lives on the gorgeous north western coast of Crete, and has some lovely looking holiday accommodation should anyone want to visit. See here for more details.

Other unique features include adapting 7 series struts for some seriously strong looking spindles and then mounting two sets of calipers to the disks. It is also the only m2 I have seen that uses a twin pipe exhaust system all the way to the back.

© 2007 Nick Vyse.