RHD Hong Kong M2 racer
This race car is owned by Jerry Kipling in Hong Kong , engineering of the car was done by Tom Wilson at Auto Dynamics in HK. Adrian Brady originally purchased the forebearer of this car in 1992 in UK.( The car Jaymic show in their parts catalogue, Jaymic built the body, but the mechanicals were done by Alex Elliot of Ace Engineering). lt was raced in the UK for a few years before Adrian Brady took it to HK to race in a classic car series in the SEAsian area. He moved onto another series and sold the car to Jerry, who used it for several seasons, before installing the S14 motor and G/box. Later he reshelled the car after one too many biffs. So all that remains of the original car is the doors, diff. , and wheels.

The car still runs in the classic series organised by the Classic Car Club of Hong Kong, but most of the racing is done in Malaysia at the Sepang F1 circuit. The reason it runs the Kugilfisher pump, is because no electronic injection is allowed in the series. The car has been very sucessful and neally always win it's class. The S14 motor was built by Alex also.

The engine is at present being freshened for the coming season and Tom is adapting the rear end to take E30 rear trailing arms , hubs, Drive shafts and Brakes. ( After they broke a shub axle last season ).

Thanks to Adrian Brady for the pics and info - he plans to fit an  S14 motor to a 71 02 he has in Melbourne Australia. (Also rhd). 

© 2007 Nick Vyse.