Jami's very subtle m2

A quick word from Jami: First i was thinking of doing '72 touring but then i got this '73 2002 colorado. Then it´s the usual story: thought of doing just some minor repairs and get decent daily driver. One thing lead to the another ending up with a bare shell. Sand blasted everything... you get the picture. Eventually took me few years and mega€€€€´s to complete.

The car has now std S14B23 engine. Only mods are pipercross air filter and E30 320iS header (same pipe dimensions as in E2 header). After that there is self made (from orginal M3) 2-1 piece and then it´s 2.5" Martelius exhaust piping with centre and rear silencers . Gearbox is G280 and diff is E21 3.45 25%lsd. Orginal Tii fuel tank. Battery is at back as you saw. Also windshield washer sourced from E30 325i is in boot. S.bars as in turbo. Koni shocks and turbo springs, a bit harder bushing all around. Brakes: 23.81mm master. front 271mm, 22mm vented discs and 4x40 mm calipers, rear as in turbo. As the g.box has not a place for speedo cable I modified E30 vdo electric speedometer to fit in dash. Singnal comes via E30 sender that reads magnetic ss tooth plate which is attached between diff flange and drive shaft.

Also i fitted E30 central locking (doors and rear bonnet), alarm system that operates c.locks (remote). E12 power windows with E3/9 switches in centre console. Kenwood player, 6 cd box, aplifier and an orginal 10-speaker system out of E32: 2 on each door and rest are on the rearshelf.

Rims are now E30 steel rims for winter and summer tires - very hard to find decent alu rims that fits (clears front brakes).


Check out the studded winter tyres. Must be a lot of fun on the ice.

Hi Nick
Had to move my garage to new adress so just couple weeks ago did i finally get my engine tuned. With mod i wrote earlier my M2  delivered 227 hp/6600 rpm and 261 Nm/4800 rpm. I'm happy as my goal was to get those Evo2 numbers or close and that i achieved. Here is a pic of a dyno sheet. The dashed line is for a run with air mass meter. It gave a couple of hp's & Nm's more through the rev range but caused resonance derived problems at low engine speeds so we didn't left it in the car. With some work to the std S14 heads breathing i think mass meter could really be something to consider remembering that there is some work to be done as well upstream/air filter department.
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