Keyvan's '69 Turbo-body

A quick word from Keyvan: My car is 1969 1602. I did the conversion by myself in my garage and it took about a month working on it only on the weekends.
Motor and drive train: S14 out of a 89 m3 with 54k Miles hooked up to an e21 5-speed transmission.
I use two Differentials: E21 3.91 limited slip/E21 3.64 limited slip
Exhaust system: O.E manifold hooked up to an Aardvarc Racing Y pipe to 2.25" single pipe
to an Ireland engineering rear muffler.
Suspension: H&R springs, bilstein Sports Shocks, Korman sway bars (adjustable ones in the back)
Wheels and tyres: 15x7 ALPINA ET 12 for street use. Tires: 205/50/15
15x8 BBS RMs ET 33 for Track 205/50/15 TOYO RA-1 tires
1/2" Ireland Engineering Spacers all around. 

Brakes: Big brake in front with 323 vented rotors, Volvo calipers and Hawk pads.
Aardvarc Racing  rotor set up in back with Hawk pads.
Thanks again
Keyvan M.












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