m2 BMW's around the world...

134 and counting (Aug 2017)
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My m2 Touring, RIP. ..MORE
Diana style headlights. ..MORE
Stunning German Touring. ..MORE
Hazy photos from Greece. ..MORE
Blue Racer from the States. ..MORE
Agave beauty from The Werk Shop. ..MORE
Ray Koke's californian sleeper. ..MORE
Greek m5 POWER. ..MORE
A big bite of Turkish delight ..MORE
Arno's very cool m2 from Holland ..MORE
Mark Gaviolas car ..MORE
Aaron Daniel from Costa Rica ..MORE
Markus Heidinger's car ..MORE
White and wide ..MORE
Silver sleeper in the UK ..MORE
Full cabriolet ..MORE
RHD in the UK ..MORE
Pink, a touring, RHD and turbo charged ..MORE
Swedish Jäger-bomb - M5 power! ..MORE
2000CS Coupe - lovely. ..MORE
Ray Chau's slammed car. ..MORE
Yellow Baur. ..MORE
1600-2 on ebay US. ..MORE
Another yellow car from Greece. ..MORE
Belgian racer. ..MORE
Ian Dickersons car - must be one of the first. ..MORE
White car FS on US ebay 2011. ..MORE
Beelzebub's personal transport. ..MORE
James Bond shooters! USA. ..MORE
Lovely clean car from Sweden. ..MORE
Gorgeous Targa from Iran. ..MORE
Lovely blue 1600 from Germany. ..MORE
Magnus Jonssons car from Sweden. ..MORE
Phil Couchs car - USA. ..MORE
Zak's Malaga car. ..MORE
Black turbo body in the States. ..MORE
FOR SALE in Germany. ..MORE
FOR SALE in Germany. ..MORE
Cool green racer. ..MORE
FOR SALE in California. ..MORE
RIP broken in Baltimore. ..MORE
FOR SALE in Germany. ..MORE
FOR SALE in Germany. ..MORE
FOR SALE in Switzerland. ..MORE
FOR SALE in Germany. Gorgeous racing Touring. ..MORE
Nick's Greek Golf m2. ..MORE
Keyvan's '69 turbo body. ..MORE
Jami's Finnish sleeper. ..MORE
Silver Surfer - new owner info pls. ..MORE
Scott Weeden's. SOLD! ..MORE
Alan Rich - amazing detailing ..MORE
Richard's Brisbane racer ..MORE
Brooke Stabbert's beauty ..MORE
Auto sleeper ..MORE
Canary yellow ..MORE
David Gamble's track beast ..MORE
David Buettner's car ..MORE
For sale in Germany March 09 ..MORE
Bob Balls e30 hybrid ..MORE
From Ahrend Tuning in Germany ..MORE
Roy Wicklund's stunner ..MORE
Don's Dutch m2 ..MORE
Ronny Karlsen's Norweigan m2 ..MORE
Alan Moore's 2 litre s14 from Brisbane ..MORE
Moe's impressively spec'ed track car. ..MORE
Turbo-charged Greek s14. ..MORE
6 speed Gruppe 2 bodied car. ..MORE
Karsten's Danish 2302. ..MORE
Sweet German m2 based on a Ti. ..MORE
Very interesting 2.0 car from Crete. ..MORE
Greg Petrus's new re-shelled M2. ..MORE
For sale in Germany May 2007. ..MORE
Julien Gaudy's beautiful track car from France. ..MORE Bruce Hoffman's (aka the Stig) project. ..MORE
Rich Gromer's - complete with CF bonnet & boot. ..MORE
RIP: ex-Michael and Greg Petrus. ..MORE
Yep, it's a topless 2002 hybrid racer. ..MORE
Alen's 2.0 s14 from Croatia. ..MORE
Those crazy Swedes! Twin turbo s14. ..MORE
Stan Schafeitel's Arizonian m2. ..MORE
Rick Van Leusden's Dutch m2. ..MORE
sold on American ebay 2006. ..MORE
changing back to an m10. ..MORE
If you've never seen the Zynki Le Mans you've missed out! ..MORE
M5 engined beast from Germany. ..MORE
Henry Zijlstra's M2 from Holland. ..MORE
Christian Gölles M2 from Austria. ..MORE
VAC Motorsports courtesy of Bimmer Mag. ..MORE

Dave Varco's car - prior to restoration. ..MORE
Sven Bütow's 320bhp German lightweight. ..MORE
Colin Gallie's - now with Alpha N. ..MORE
For sale in 2006 - asking price was $35k. ..MORE
For sale as of summer 2005. ..MORE
Wide body German car (for sale 07.05). ..MORE
Terry Lews silver ex-big bumper! Lots of mods ..MORE
New owner & new web site for this Norweigan M2. ..MORE
Corey Jensen's father & son project. ..MORE
Unfinished UK project - now scrapped. ..MORE
Puerto Rican Carbs! ..MORE
Rune's sweet Norweigan Touring. ..MORE
Sad looking German pick-up. ..MORE
Jan's never late for surgery. ..MORE
New owner - Luis J. Jimenez. ..MORE
Daniel Coopers EVO Sport from San Fran. ..MORE
Dennis Cromptons 6 speed BTCC engined beast. ..MORE
It's an s14 powered Neue Klasse, now that's class! ..MORE
Richard Hacketts gorgeous cabriolet. ..MORE
Sold on ebay for $20k around 2004 ..MORE
Laupa Racing's mad M2 drag car. ..MORE
Virtala Racing Oy, from Finland. ..MORE
Touring for sale, looks good ..MORE
Just the one pic ..MORE
Just the one pic ..MORE
Nolan's Marlboro Racing M2 ..MORE
Terry & Debbie Sayther's Baur 1971 M2. ..MORE
Taken in Baarlo 2002, is this yours? ..MORE
Gerry Kipling's RHD Hong Kong racer. ..MORE
Great looking German M2 race car. ..MORE
This is Alvins monster. ..MORE
Dean Wantanabe's sahara beige M2 ..MORE
This one below belongs to Steve Wilson in Portland. ..MORE
Think this belongs to somone called Corky? ..MORE
Don't know who owns this one. ..MORE
Sorry, can't remember who owns this. ..MORE
Don't know who owns this one. ..MORE
Don't know who owns this one. ..MORE
This one belongs to Michael Hinton. ..MORE
Chuck Taylors car. ..MORE
Don't know who owns this one. ..MORE
Is this the same car as above? Nope, count the cylinders! ..MORE
Here's another M6/2, based on an early 1600 shell. ..MORE
Don't know who owns this one. ..MORE
Convertible M2! Don't know who owns it. ..MORE Don't know who owns this one. ..MORE

That's it. If you've got anymore, or have any info please email me.

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