My old mint grun touring, RIP

My car, built in 2002, now dismantled and the body shipped off to the UK to reshell another. After moving to France I decided I needed a LHD m2, and the touring shell without a cage is as stiff as an empty shoe box. Mine will always be a road car, so I didn't want a cage, and the shell needed a refresh anyway - so with a little regret I stripped all the mechanical bits and sold the body.

A decent LHD shell was found early this year, so I have all the bits, but with a tii touring, a '67 1600-2 and and a CS coupe ahead in the queue it might be a while before I start building.

fake copper on the european canonball run

when we were young

real german fuzz - they loved it

evoII lump being installed

at home in London 2003

ass steats

a move to france meant better roads

happy memories

out with the expensive bit...

...and good bye my friend, it's been real

© 2007 Nick Vyse.