Moe's M2 track car

Owned by Antimo 'MOE' Vieira in Northern California.

The car has been under many transformations since it's purchase back in 1999. The car was fairly 'stock' back then with a stock 2.0L motor, a Weber, some lowering springs, and 13' E21 steel rims. It was a daily driver for many years, so as things broke on the car, they were replaced with 'upgraded' parts. In those 4 years, the motor was bored to a 2.1L, 45DCOE sidedrafts were added and many cam combos were built. An E21 5-speed transmission and a 3.91 LSD diff was installed. IE suspension, and Big brakes had all been changed for some day being tracked.

In June 2003, the car saw it's first track day at Sears Point, also known now as Infinion. It saw several track days in 2 years at tracks such as Laguna Seca and Thunderhill as well. Fantastic momentum car but the need for more power couldn't hurt either. So a decision was made to start building a stroker M10. After sourcing parts over a few months to do so, an opportunity for the S14 swap came about, and the stroker project was dumped.

In October 2005, the car went under the S14 motor swap. Throughout the 2006 year, the car went under some major changes. An E21 rack & pinion conversion went under place, and even bigger brakes were added. The transmission also got a freshing up while the bell housing was being modified for the S14 sensors. The engine compartment was ran through for some cleaning up and modifications. The Interior was also done, with the addition of fixed back MOMO seats and carpet. After over a year, in Dec 2006 the car saw it's first time on the road. What a great Christmas gift.

Throughout most of the 2007 year, most of the bugs were worked out as well as little details. The car went under a nut and bolt inspection in preparation for track days so that surprises wouldn't arise. In Nov 2007, the car saw it's first track day with the new power plant....(Grin!!!) All the time, effort, research and patience really paid off. The R&P is still under going development, as well as suspension changes, but the car is getting really close to getting setup nicely like it was before. The car has seen regular track days and hopefully will continue.....if the pockets can handle it.

Here's a small list of specs 2007
1971 BMW 2002 w/sunroof
Weight-2150lbs w/o driver
Street Wheels-Rota RB: F/R 15x7-ET25
Street Tires-Falken Azenis RT615: 205/15/15
Track Wheels-D Force LTW5: F/R 15x7-ET25
Track Tires-Nitto NT-01: 205/50/15


-1990 E30 M3 2.3L S14
-Autothority Chip
-Dyno'd 174.6 rwhp/161.7rwtq @ wheels, in stock trim w/chip
-Stock 48mm header
-46mm TB's
-Stock head and cams
-2.5 inch Custom mandrel-bent exhaust with Dynatech muffler and 25' center resonator
-Maxx Alpha-N w/CF air box
-Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
-Setrab 915 oil cooler w/oil filter relocation and Earls fittings/lines
-Modified IE 2002 oil pan Baffle
-2002 water pump and T-stat
-IE aluminum radiator
-IE poly motor mounts
-14' push fan w/ T-stat fan switch
-11lb Battery under back seat
Installation/Swap was done in house
Engine Source: Double 02 Salvage, Inc
2034 American Ave. Hayward, CA 94545
Dyno: EDGE Motorworks, Inc
6443 Golden Gate Dr. Dublin, CA 94568

MAXX Alpha-N:
-Stock replica CF Air plenum
-4' 4ply Silicone intake boot
-Laptop programmable fuel map tuning
-Broader torque curve by removing AFM
-Dyno'd 186.7 rwhp/173.1 rwtq @ wheels
Installation was done in house
Alpha-N source: MAXX Automotive, Germany
John Johnson,
Dyno tune: Dyno Spot Racing (DSR)
1798 Angela St. San Jose, CA 95125
Fuel System:
-2002 fuel tank
-E30 in-tank pre-pump
-E28 High pressure fuel pump and filter
-Custom fuel surge tank in trunk
-Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Installation was done in house
Fuel pressure regulator source: BMP Design, Inc
3208 Park Center Dr. Tyler, TX 75701

-E21 5-speed OD
-E21 Modified bell housing for E30 M3 reference sensors
-JB Racing 8lb Aluminum Flywheel
-E30 M3 SACHS sport clutch kit
-2002 Custom short shift
-Custom transmission mount w/IE poly mount
-E21 LSD case w/E30 4.10 gears
-Billet steel stub axles w/wheel studs
Installation was done in house
5-speed/LSD Kit source: Double 02 Salvage, Inc
2034 American Ave. Hayward, CA 94545
Bell housing Mod: Aardvarc Racing
Bonita, CA 91908
8lb Aluminum Flywheel source: Tuner Motorosports
16 Hunt Rd. South, Amesbury, MA 01913
SACHS clutch kit source: VAC Motorsports
2501 Snyder Ave. Phila, PA 19145
Billet steel stub axles: Summers Brothers, Inc
530 S. Mountain Ave. Ontario, CA 91762
Daniel Cooper, GroupBuy-BMW2002FAQ
-E28 Master cylinder
-F/R SS brake lines
-Wilwood adjustable bias valve
-No e-brake
-E21 late hubs w/wheel studs
-Wilwood SL4 calipers
-Hawk pads
-Wilwood HD 11.75' x 1.25' two piece rotors
-Massive hats
-8mm H&R wheel spacers
-IE race disc kit
-Corvette caliper
-Hawk pads
-VW 9.4' x .86' vented rotor
Installation was done in house
Front Brakes source: MASSIVE Brakes
4850 Henri-Julien Ave. Montreal, QC H2T-2E1 Canada
Lee Vuong, GroupBuy-BMW2002FAQ
Rear Brakes source: Ireland Engineering
2088-A Central Ave. Duarte, CA 91010


-IE coilover F/R kit
-325lb 7' x 2.5' springs
-2002 struts shortened 3' w/gussets for spindles
-KONI adjustable shocks
-Ground control camber/caster plates
-IE Poly bushings throughout
-IE M2 SS strut brace
-IE 22mm hollow swaybar with adjustable endlinks on struts
-32mm rollcenter spacers
-225lb 8' x 2.5' springs
-Proshock coilover
-IE 22mm soild swaybar w/adjustable endlinks
-IE adjustable toe kit
-IE adjustable camber kit
-IE Poly bushings throughout
-Subframe bushings flipped w/Poly inserts
-Boxed 02 trailing arms w/stock spring perches removed
-Coilover upper mount raised 1.5' on wheel well
-Coilover lower mount lowered 1' on trailing arm
-Custom 1.5' DOM strut brace
Fabrication and Installation was done in house
Suspension Source: Ireland Engineering
2088-A Central Ave. Duarte, CA 91010
KONI/Ground Control source: Aftermarket Distributing
1262 Quarry Ln. Unit C, Pleasanton, CA 94566
Rollcenter spacers source: MASSIVE Brakes
4850 Henri-Julien Ave. Montreal, QC H2T-2E1 Canada
Lee Vuong, GroupBuy-BMW2002FAQ
-E21 Rack & Pinion
-Heim-joint tie rods
-Adjustable bumpsteer
-Custom shortened steering arms
-IE E30 poly steering guibo
-Custom steering shafts and universals
Frabrication and installation was done in house
-Custom carpet kit w/rear seat delete
-Center console delete
-Heater/Blower removed
-MOMO Start, Fiberglass fixed back seats
-MOMO fixed brackets on custom floor mounts
-RCI 5-point Latch & Link harnesses
-Autopower 1.75' DOM rollbar w/custom door bars and pillar mounts
-Autometer oil pressure, oil/water temp, air/fuel, volt gauges
-MOMO Prototipo, steering wheel
-Zero sound proofing
-3lb Fire extinguisher
Fabrication and Installation was done in house
MOMO source: Aftermarket Distributing
1262 Quarry Ln. Unit C, Pleasanton, CA 94566
Autopower source: I/O Port Racing
14 Juniper Dr. Lafayette, CA 94549

-Roll down door windows/mechanisms removed
-CarbonFiber bonnet
-CarbonFiber boot
-Fiberglass turbo rear spoiler
-Front fiberglass air dam
-LTW decals from an E36
-Hella H4 w/yellow Lamix
-Hella 500 Amber fog lights
Installation was done in house
CF panels source: Hannemann Composites
Azusa, CA
Daniel Cooper, GroupBuy-BMW2002FAQ
Fiberglass turbo spoiler source: Ireland Engineering
2088-A Central Ave. Duarte, CA 91010
LTW declas source: iZoom Graphics
9514 E. 54th St. Suite A. Tulsa, OK 74145
Front/Rear/Spare: Street
-Rota RB
-15x7, 4x100
-57.1 bore, ET25
-Dark Grey Metallic w/polished lip
Front/Rear: Track
-D Force LTW5
-15x7, 4x100
-Dark Grey Metallic
Front/Rear/Spare: Street
-Falken Azenis RT615
Front/Rear: Track
-Nitto NT-01
Source: Aftermarket Distributing
1262 Quarry Ln. Unit C, Pleasanton, CA 94566
Cris Padagas, GroupBuy-BMW2002FAQ

Track day videos on Youtube can be found under this link.

Some Project photos taken over the years can be found under this link.

Future plans....Full tear down in prep for paint and a Turbo flare kit. Fiberglass F/R bumpers. Lexan side windows. Cams, Head work, 48mm T/B's, and DTM box. Innovate W/B 02. Master cylinder relocated into pedal box. MASSIVE rear disc kit. CF sunroof. Alpina finned diff cover. Goals....2000lbs w/200rwhp and street registered.

I want to thank everybody on the BMW2002FAQ and Steve Kupper, for keeping up such a great site. Everybody on for there great knowledge in the search. Nick Vyse for this ///M2 site. Without such a great contribution from these sites, generations to come may never be able to fully enjoy these cars. Thank you all.
Cris P, @ Aftermarket Distributing for his A++ service. Jeremy @ Ireland Engineering for all his suspension advice and Jeff Ireland for his dedication in providing great performance parts. Dean and Marshall @ Double 02 for all my hard to find parts. Eric and Gordon @ Edge Motorworks. Lawrence @ DSR for his tuning skills. Mark P, for sourcing a solid motor for me. Daniel Cooper for his efforts in all his GroupBuys. Lee Voung @ MASSIVE for his engineering efforts.
Last but not least, I also want to thank my old neighbor Jack, from down the street, that sold me the car back in 1999.

Happy 02'ing, where ever your roads may lead to. Cheers.


© 2007 Nick Vyse.