Neue Klasse Beauty

Always loved the Neue Klasse and sold one to pay for my engine! This is simply gorgeous, although I can't help thinking a baby six, or perhaps even a big six would have been better in this large engine bay. Love it though, just wish I had some better pics. If it's yours, or if you have some more shots let me know.


I picked up these details on a German web site where it was for sale at 23,000 euros ono - a lot of dough, but there's been huge amount done to this car. This spec was babel fish translated, so it's not the best..


Data: 25,000 km, 143 KW (194 HP), EZ: 11/71. TUEV: 05/04, OUTER ONE: 05/04, silver metallic, gasoline characteristics: Old timer Description: very much aufw. Change with orig. body and M3-E30-Technik with g-Kat & Alpina B6 landing gear. + brakes, div. Rims in gearbox (with the KFZ thereby: ever a set of Alpina & revolution 7+8X15 '), BMW M5 buffalo leather equipment, + many new parts, with Interr. further pictures


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