Colin Gallie's RHD M2

Colin Gallie's Scotish M2 is one of the few other RHD M2's - his solution was to retain the steering box and have a curly custom header fabricated. It's got the 2.5 Evo Sport engine and box, plus some very sexy AP Racing brakes, disks all round. Body work sports the zender boxed flares.

It was also the first M2 I saw in the metal and set my mind on owning one.

Colin's recently (2004/5) bought an Alpha N piggy back computer from Maxx Automotive in Germany. This is a mod that's number one on my wish list as it gets rid of the restrictive AFM (air flow meter) altogether and replaces it with a programmable map. Colin has wisely also bought a wide band 02 sensor.

Here's a new pic of the intake sans the 'orrible AFM - there are dyno runs below before this was installed; it's now putting out 246bhp and 190lb/ft torque, but as Colin says "The figures do not do the difference justice - it drives so much better." Area under the curve and all that...

Below is a recent dyno run - power first...

...and torque:

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