Puerto Rican carbed M2

Thanks for this email and the pics Harry - is the good Doctor in the house?

Hi, Nick! Hope all is well with you. Here are the pics of the local M2 I told you about some time ago. Sorry for the pic quqlity, but they are scans of some pics that Ricky Vazquez, the guy who built it, had laying around. As I said, this car was originally owned and built by Ricky Vazquez. It was done in a regular 2002 shell, with suspension and brakes from a tii (which was mine at a time). Some features it has are : BBS 16" Wheels Close Ratio 5 spd tranny Bilstein Shocks, Eibach Springs and Suspension Techniques sway bars Weber 45 sidedrafts Electromotive crank-trigger ignition It is now owned by Dr. Alfonso Serrano. I have tried with him to get better pics, but haven't had much luck. Best Regards, Harry

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