Track Touring

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Thanks goes to the Touring Club of Munich for the pic. Any more pics or info let me know.
Here's the spec - it was translated from German by babelfish, hence the dodgy language:

Before the change 258PS, maximum permissible engine speed 7800U/min after the change new cam shafts, maximum permissible engine speed 8200U/min 280PS with 7380U/min - 279Nm with 6390U/min - switching number of revolutions 8000U/min V/max with translation 3.90 = 235km/h - with translation 3.64 = 252km/h engine M3 Evo 3/2.5 ltr Kat (E30) extra: no radio, no CD Player however... Aluminum cage, bowl seats rigidly bolts, front's building completely made of GRP, battery mounting and cover trunk - carbon/kevlar, chassis: Sachs/Eibach hoehenverstellbar in front and in the back (double feather/spring system) shock strut document for wishbone adjustment 22mm, hinged tie bars adjustable -, support bearing aluminum, rear axle rockers screws adjustable, check differential on with 1,7 ltr oil contents (inclusive cooling), Unterheckspoiler to the tail, brake assembly: in front 332 x 30 (BMW X5 - 4,4ltr) with radzylinder 2m4-40k (BMW M5),  hinten 324 x 12 (BMW 850CSI) with radzylinder RZ38 (M3 E30), adjustable gasoline pressure, wheel admission 5 hole, radiator: 2002 turbo, oil coolers: 74ï E23, exhaust system self-'s building only VSD and only ESD, additional one announcements: Oiling MP, oil pressure, Ampermeter, transmission temp, rear axle temp, gasoline pressure, aluminum oil pan with 6 ltr. 2 auxiliary chambers and oil plane etc....

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