Californian Auto

Was for sale back end of 2008 - here's the copy from the ad:

Itís time to sell my little M2 that Iíve had for over 3 years. Iíve have enjoyed every minute of it and hope it can go to someone that will appreciate it as much as I did. Started out as a completely stock 73 automatic, it has been a California car all itís life with itís original blue plate still current. Exterior Body is very straight in original Chamonix. Bumpers, trims, windows look to be all original and in very good shape. Paint looks very presentable with a few touch ups here and there. Nose and rear appear original. Rockers and towers are solid. Original spare with jack and tools. Pics shows where there are some minor issues, lower door area, etc. Very minor surface rust in some places like inside of trunk, hood. I havenít done anything to the exterior except the Italian turn signals. I'm not a paint expert by any means so body/paint inspection is encouraged. Interior I add the Recaros seats, Momo Protipio, Alpina shift knob. Everything else is the original black/blue scheme. Door panels are uncut with solid backing. Dash has 1" minor crack. Heater works perfect, Fridgiking blower and controls are working. (to get the a/c working, you will need e30 a/c compressor, bracket , hose, etc) wipers-both speed, cig lighter, dome lights, sunroof rolls perfect, even a few lines on the rear defrost, etc, etc. all work. The only thing that does not is the speedometer. It broke after I got the s14 in and it went full circle and stops. Mods ē Stock S14 Motor with appox 140k. Motor was installed by Edge Motorworks in Dublin, CA. Dynoed at around 160-165 rwhp/155tq with good compression all across. Motor purchased from Marion at VSR with carfax verifying mileage. He had just previously did 1500.00 in maintenance a week prior to the car being wreck. I lost the receipt so I forgot what was done. Still runs very strong. Custom 2.5 exhaust. Tons of other misc parts, turbo radiator, relocated battery with aluminum box, etc. ē 5-speed from e21 refreshed by Carl at La Jolla Independent and modified by Dave at Aarcarc Racing. UUC SS EVO3 kit. 3.91 LSD. BMW M3 Evo LW flywheel/clutch. ē IE front coilovers w/Bilstein inserts/shocks. Rear are stage II springs. Front adjustable camber plates. 22mm F/R adjustable hollow swaybars. F/R urethane bushings. I have the car fairly low and itís stiff but I like it that was. You can always adjust the front and put pads in the rear to raise it. ē Front BBK from Aardvark Racing. Upgrade rear drums. ē Panasport 14Ē with 195/60 Yoko AVS. No spacers needed or fender rolling. Iím sure Iím forgetting something but thatís the summary of it. This is a great solid driver. Not show quality but nice enough that I didnít want to spend money restoring it just yet. The only reason that Iíve even been considering it was to shave the reflectors off and get euro bumpers. Iím in Fremont, CA. Iíll bring my 02 as far south as Motorspeed West and as far north as JP at A1 Imports for inspections and anywhere in between. I have receipts for most everything. During the s14 swap, everything and anything that needed replacing was done. I would not hesitate to drive my 02 across the country tomorrow. Email me with any specific questions or if you want detailed pics of anything. Asking $15K obo.

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