Alan Moore's lovely 2 litre s14 from Brisbane

The engine is a former touring car motor of 2L capacity, controlled by a motec m4 computer, with a carbon airbox, lumpy cams, full cage, race seats and harnesses, big discs up fornt, rear discs, and custom 4 into 1 manifold to clear the RHD steering box.

Message from Alan June 2006:

I am the owner of the 1973 Golf 2002 TII (round tail light) in your gallery. I can add a few more details if you like to what is currently there. The photos were taken at the BMW Car Club of Queensland Show N Shine recently. This will be a little disjointed as I think of various things I did along the way. The car was built to compete in a race class called Improved Production. I needed to use the original steering arrangement and use 14" wheels to stay in the class, which limited the brake size.

I did the swap about 8 years ago, but have found other projects to get busy on and so have not fully sorted it. The engine was a tired ex 2 Litre Super Tourer that I bought complete without drysump, headers and computer. I rebuilt it, and on the engine dyno it made 276Hp at 8200 Rpm. It has a full billet crank, Carrillo rods and Ross pistons, stainless valves (instead of the tired titanium ones). It has lightweight valve buckets with a much smaller bucket going over the end of the valve for adjustment. The standard on bucket shims can be spat out at high revs with large cams apparently. I am using 2.5 Ohm injectors with an adjustable fuel pressure regulator set at 70 Psi to help with atomisation.

I have utilised the standard steering box, but have used the universal joints from the steering column of a series 1 Toyota Tarago (around 1986). This allows enough room for the 1 3/4" primary 4 into 1 exhaust. The system is 2 3/4" with two resonators and centre exit, with all pipes HPC coated.

I used BMW 2000 struts as they can take a larger diameter insert, to which is fitted a Koni Sport top adjustable Porsche insert. The struts have been shortened with adjustable spring bases, 330 lb springs and I made the adjustable tops. Front sway bar is adjustable. The rear has adjustable Avos. I used 272mm ventilated redrilled discs from a 3.0 CS, and 633 Calipers. I have removed the boosters and put in an adjustable pedal box above my knees.
I fitted Mazda Series 4 RX7 rear calipers to the ventilated rear discs from an Isuzu Piazza on the rear.

14 x 7 race wheels 195/60/14 Yokohama A048R tyres
15 x 7 road wheels 205/50/15 Toyo RA1

The gearbox is a rebuilt optional 2002 Getrag 235/5 5 Speed
Currently running 4.1 ratio LSD 110 Ftlb breakaway , but also have a 3.9, 3.64, and 3.45 LSDs.

The cage is a multi point steel cage with 26 Metres of tube used, with Momo seats and Sabelt 4 point harnesses.

You have an interesting site, thanks for your effort.

Alan Moore.
Brisbane Australia

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